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make your home green

Everyone these days is talking about “going green” and making the world a cleaner place for our children and grandchildren.  You may not think that you can do much towards this green movement but the truth is in fact you can.  There are many ways that are simple and easy to go green inside your own home.   Below is a list of a few of the ways in which you can make your home green, and I don’t mean in color. 

  1. Most homemakers don’t love doing laundry and this little tidbit is going to be music to your ears!  By letting your clothes pile up a bit you are doing the environment a favor.  Running small loads of laundry through your washing machine and dryer is a waste of energy and a waste of water.  In fact one load of laundry used 25 gallons of water…
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looking for open houses

If you are currently looking to purchase a new home, you likely want to know where to find a few open houses in your area.  You have come to the right place!  Below you will find a few helpful tips to finding open houses in your area so that you don’t have to do a lot of searching for them on your own. 

  1.  A good way to find a few open houses in your area is by doing an online search.  A great website in which to look is  All you will need to do is to type “open houses” in the search bar and you will be well on your way to finding open houses in your area.  
  2. Another good way to find a few open houses in your area is to use the app on your cell phone.   This way you will have the ability to find open houses in your area…
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At A Glance July 2016 Statistics   The California Association of Realtors closely monitors and analyzes trends in the residential real estate industry. The table above contains the latest reported existing home sales series, median home prices, unsold inventory index, median time on market, first-time buyer housing affordability index, and the latest mortgage rates.

415,840 existing homes sold in California in July 2016 with a median price of $509,830. The median time on the market was 28.0 days with a 3.6 months supply of unsold inventory. Homes sold for an average of $247 per square foot and the sales to list ratio was 99.2%. The affordability index fell to 31%.
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If your powder room leaves something to be desired and just isn’t putting out the vibe you want it to, you may want to learn a few tips to help you fancy it up a bit.    A few of those tips are listed below.

  1.  A great way to help your powder room look its best is by finding a really cool wallpaper to hang.  Wallpaper is always in style no matter what year it is.  You can find something simple and cute or you may want to hang some fancy wallpaper that adds lots of pizzazz to your powder room.
  2. Another good way to fancy up your powder room is by replacing the old sink with a new one.  Sinks and faucets can be as plain or as fancy as you would like.  If you want your bathroom to look expensive all you need to do is purchase a really nice sink with…
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identity theft

Moving from one house to another is a fun time in the life of a person, especially if you are moving into bigger and better things, however moving is also a volatile time and an easy time to become victim of identity theft.   Below is a list of a few ways that you can protect yourself from identity theft during a move. 

  1.  A good rule of thumb to avoid identity theft during a move  is to limit how much information you leave behind.  If you had an office in your home, be sure to not only throw old papers away but also to shred all papers that have your name and address and social security number on them.  If you think you may still need some of the papers once you move, be sure to store them in your purse or somewhere you know that they will not get…
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Downsides of Renting?

If you have ever rented a home or an apartment you already know about all of the downsides to renting.  If you are trying to decide whether to purchase a home of your own or to rent, you may want to take a look at a few of these downsides to renting before making up your mind. 

  1. One of the downsides to renting a home  or apartment is that you may never actually feel at home.  Most of the time when you move into a home or apartment to rent it you will find lots of hooks and things in the walls and perhaps even a few decorations that have been carelessly left behind by previous tenants.   My guess is when you move into a home, you want to feel at home and renting just doesn’t provide that feeling as well as buying. 
  2. Another downside to renting…
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Make your dreams come true.

We have all seen the tiny houses that are flooding the internet lately, but let’s be honest; do you really want to live in a space so small that you barely have room to move around in your own home?  In all likelihood we can all agree that we really want more space for less money.  Let’s take a look at a few ways to buy big without breaking the bank. 

  1.  One way that you can buy big without breaking the bank is by going in together with a family member to purchase a home.   You may not like the idea of having someone living with you but if you can afford to buy a large enough house together you might not even be bothered by them as much as you think you will.  
  2. Another way to buy big without breaking the bank is by buying an older home.  Older…
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california home sales

California home sales rose to their highest level in nearly four years in June, as sales surpassed the 400,000 mark for the fourth consecutive month.

451,000 California homes sold in June 2016 compared to 410,000 in May 2016 and and 441,000 in May 2015.

The median selling price in June 2016 slipped slightly to $519,000 for $520,000 in May 2016 but increased from $492,000 in June 2015.

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Picking the right sized house!

There are many reasons why folks want to buy a large house, many times it is to have the admiration of others; other times it is to fit your large family comfortably.  Whatever reason you decide that buying big might be a good idea, there are many other reasons why it may be a bad idea.  Listed below are a few reasons why buying big might be a bad idea. 

  1. Large homes are great but if you love to spend time with your loved ones you might be doing yourself a disservice by purchasing big.   Your family will have more spaces to move about in a large house and therefore they might not spend as much time with you.  Also your kids may be on the computer without your knowledge or doing things you don’t want them to because the house is so big you won’t…
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