Consider These Downsides to Renting

Posted by Hartanov Real Estate Team on Friday, October 7th, 2016 at 3:24am.



There are downsides to renting

If you have ever rented a home or an apartment you already know about all of the downsides to renting.  If you are trying to decide whether to purchase a home of your own or to rent, you may want to take a look at a few of these downsides to renting before making up your mind. 

  1. One of the downsides to renting a home  or apartment is that you may never actually feel at home.  Most of the time when you move into a home or apartment to rent it you will find lots of hooks and things in the walls and perhaps even a few decorations that have been carelessly left behind by previous tenants.   My guess is when you move into a home, you want to feel at home and renting just doesn’t provide that feeling as well as buying. 
  2. Another downside to renting  is that you will likely receive mail addressed to many of the previous tenants.   Even if most of the mail you wrongly receive is junk mail there is just something annoying about receiving other folk’s mail at your own place.  Again, this simple thing can make you feel very out of place and not at peace in your own space. 
  3. Yet another downside to renting is being way too close to neighbors.  This is especially true if you rent an apartment.  Living in such close quarters is not fun if you don’t like knowing everything your neighbor is doing at all times of the day and night.  Also a downside to renting an apartment is the noise level.  If you have neighbors that like to “live it up” so to speak it is likely you won’t be able to rest in your own apartment when you may need it most. 
  4. Another reason that renting might not be for you is due to the fact that when you rent you may or may not have a washer and dryer and that means continuous trips to the laundry mat.   That doesn’t sound like much fun at all. 

If these downsides to renting haven’t made you want to buy a home instead of rent a home then maybe renting is for you.  My guess is you may have now decided that you want to hire a realtor to find you the home of your dreams once and for all.  

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