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Orange County Housing Report: Rates Pave Path for Housing

It is all about rates in the housing market, from the number of homeowners willing to sell to the volume of buyers able to afford to purchase. 

Mortgage Rates

Not only do rates affect buyers, but they also impact the number of sellers.

Just about everyone loves the beach. Basking in the sun, walking along the coast, listening to the soothing sounds of waves crashing on the shore, and taking a refreshing plunge in the cool, salty water, are some of the many reasons so many head to the beach, especially on the weekend. Yet, what happens when it is overcast and cool during the winter? Not as many Southern Californians make the pilgrimage to the beach. There are still plenty of…

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Orange County Housing Report: Housing Starting to Flex

After an extremely slow end to 2022, buyers are returning to the housing arena, demand is already up sharply, and market times are plunging fast.

Buyer Demand Coming Back

Pending sales are surging higher as housing bounces back from very low levels.

Getting to a movie theater early, sitting in the pews of an empty church with plenty of time until the service begins, and being seated immediately at a popular restaurant before the dinner rush are all examples of moments in time where it seems as if very few are going to show up. Yet, in the blink of an eye, the theater is packed, the church pews have been filled, and there is an hour-long waitlist at that favorite restaurant. That is…

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