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Orange County Housing Report: Opportunity Knocks NOW!

For homeowners looking to sell in 2022, the window of opportunity is closing as the inventory climbs, demand falls, and market times grow longer. The longer homeowners wait, the harder it will be to sell The Orange County housing market already cooled substantially, and it will only continue from here.

Every time the housing market transitions away from a Hot Seller’s Market, too many homeowners fall victim to waiting to sell. They do not understand the magnitude of the current market shift and how quickly the market has evolved so far in 2022, and where it is going from here. Many will be kicking themselves as they learn the hard way what it is like to sell in a much slower market during the…

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Orange County Housing Report: Values Will NOT Plunge


Many believe that the rapidly slowing housing market will lead to crashing home values, yet the facts do not support this theory.

No Crash Around the Corner  -  Housing data illustrates that there is not a housing crash on the horizon.

According to researchers at Penn State University, only 8% of the things that people worry about come true. From finances to job security to relationships to health, worry is everywhere. The collective mind seems to almost always jump to the worst-case scenario. It seems as if nobody is immune to worry.

With strong inflation numbers, Wall Street volatility, and soaring interest rates, panic and worry is in the air. So many are jumping to the immediate…

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