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Orange County Housing Report: 

Housing Cracks

Even though housing is insanely hot, trends have emerged that confirm that the Orange County housing market is starting to cool.

Cracks Appearing

Trends are developing which demonstrate that the pandemic induced, insane housing run is cooling.

Incredible, relaxing, memory-filled vacations come to an end. Ski seasons come to an end.  The last pages of a good book come to an end. Binge watching a favorite television show comes to an end. Weekends come to an end. Seemingly nothing lasts forever. For the Orange County housing market, the incredible, insanely Hot Seller’s Market will eventually evolve into something completely different, and that is beginning to take place right now.

Now that…

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Orange County Housing Report:



With rates inching their way up to 5%, the housing market is slowly changing and trends are emerging that illustrate a shift in the insanely hot housing market.

New Trends Emerge

As rates zoom upwards, home affordability is beginning to impact the housing market in several profound and meaningful ways.

The scent of orange tree blossoms is captivating. It is just the beginning of the slow metamorphosis from flower to fruit. After the flower blooms, it takes navel oranges seven to 12 months to mature. It is far from instant, but as the petals drop, it reveals a tiny, green fruit that will eventually become a juicy, ripe orange.

Similarly, the evolution of the housing market is far from…

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