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Picking the right sized house!

There are many reasons why folks want to buy a large house, many times it is to have the admiration of others; other times it is to fit your large family comfortably.  Whatever reason you decide that buying big might be a good idea, there are many other reasons why it may be a bad idea.  Listed below are a few reasons why buying big might be a bad idea. 

  1. Large homes are great but if you love to spend time with your loved ones you might be doing yourself a disservice by purchasing big.   Your family will have more spaces to move about in a large house and therefore they might not spend as much time with you.  Also your kids may be on the computer without your knowledge or doing things you don’t want them to because the house is so big you won’t…
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california real estate

The California Association of Realtors closely monitors and analyzes trends in the residential real estate industry. The table above contains the latest reported existing home sales series, median home prices, unsold inventory index, median time on market, first-time buyer housing affordability index, and the latest mortgage rates.

450,960 existing homes sold in California in June 2016 with a median price of $519,440. The median time on the market was 27.1 days with a 3.2 months supply of unsold inventory. Homes sold for an average of $247 per square foot and the sales to list ratio was 99.6%. The affordability index remained steady at 34%.

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There’s nothing more captivating than the beautiful landscape that surrounds us in Southern California. From stunning ocean beaches to woodsy hideaways, these special spots in SoCal will take your breath away. Take a look at our beautiful corner of the world and it will remind you why we all love living here. Get ready to pinch yourself as you won’t believe these places are real. But don’t worry, you’re definitely not dreaming.

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Feeling a bit more enchanted after seeing these pictures? If you want to be dazzled even more, check out these 15 Jaw dropping views in SoCal…

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Seller Not Motivated

You would think that if someone has their house for sale that they would do everything in their power to make sure it sells.  This may not be the case for several reasons, one of which being that the seller might not know the things they may or may not be doing are affecting the sale of their home.  Below is a list of ways to know if a seller is motivated to sell or not. 

  1. If the asking price of a home is way off base, it is a good clue that the seller is not motivated and you may want to look elsewhere.  The way the housing market is today, if a home is accurately priced it will likely sell almost as quickly as it hits the market.  If however the price is too high it may sit there for a good while. 
  2. Another way to tell if a seller is…
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home improvement

Whether or not your home is large doesn’t mean that it has to feel small.  There are many ways to make your house feel bigger than it actually is.  Let’s look at a few tips to make your bedroom in particular feel as if it is quite a bit bigger than it actually is.

  1. One way to make your tiny bedroom feel bigger than it really is, is to use pull down rods in your small closet space.  Pull down rods will allow you to not only have more room in your bedroom closet but they will actually give you more space to walk inside your closet assuming it is a walk in closet.   Pull down rods will also make your entire bedroom feel larger because you won’t have to use the room outside of your closet to store your clothes.   
  2. Another way to make your tiny
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Fixing up our fixer upper

Buying a fixer upper can be quite the daunting task but if you have the courage to do it, you may be pleasantly surprised at just how good you can make an old house look and how easy it actually is to do it.   Below are a few tips for fixing up a fixer upper that will get you started in the right direction with your “new” old house.

  1. Fresh paint can never be a bad idea when you are talking about making an old house look new again.  If you have bought a fixer upper and you want an easy place to start to make it look new again, look no further than your local paint store.  You will likely be amazed at just what a difference a fresh coat of paint can make.
  2. Another great way to make a fixer upper fixed up is to redo the flooring.  If you are blessed…
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california home sales

The California housing market maintained momentum in May. California home sales edged up, rising above the 400,000 benchmark level for the third straight month.

410,000 California homes sold in May 2016 compared to 408,000 in April 2016.

The median selling price in May 2016 climbed to $509,000 from $483,000 in April 2016.

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into a dream home is one of the most wonderful and exciting feelings in the world, however there are a few issues that you should try to avoid at all costs if you can.  A few of these moving issues are listed below.  Be sure to read them and then do whatever you can do to avoid making these moving mistakes.

  1. Typically when folks move they hire a moving company.  If you are moving from one state to another, don’t make the mistake of thinking or expecting your things to arrive before you do.  Many times your possessions will not even arrive all at one time.  It may be that it takes a couple weeks for everything to arrive at your new home.  Don’t panic.  Realize that this may be the case in the first place and you won’t freak out when it…
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