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May 2012 statistics show San Clemente CA had 404 foreclosure homes with an average foreclosure sales price of $489,833 vs. an average sales price of $610,568, a $120,735 savings according to RealtyTrac.com.

1 in every 351 housing units received a foreclosure filing in May. 

San Clemente CA Foreclosure Activity and 30-Year Interest Rate

There were 44 new foreclosures in the 92673 zip code and 30 new foreclosures in 92672, for a total of 74 new foreclosures in San Clemente CA in May 2012. Interest rates dropped to 3.80%.

San Clemente Ca Foreclosure Activity May 2012

Orange County CA foreclosure activity is based on total number of properties that receive foreclosure filings…default notice, foreclosure auction notice or bank repossession…each month. Interest rate is based on average…

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There were 15,803 Orange County CA  foreclosures in May 2012, according to RealtyTrac.com. The average sales price of an Orange County home was $547,842 while the average sales price of a foreclosure home was $439,885, a $107,957 savings.

Orange County CA Foreclosure Activity and 30-Year Interest Rate

Orange County foreclosure activity had 2,413 new foreclosed homes in May while interest rates dropped to 3.80%.

 orange county foreclosure

Orange County CA foreclosure activity is based on total number of properties that receive foreclosure filings…default notice, foreclosure auction notice or bank repossession…each month. Interest rate is based on average 30-year fixed rate from Freddie Mac’s Primary Mortgage Market Survey.

Orange County CA Foreclosure Geographical Comparison

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San Clemente isn’t the typical touristy place in terms of attractions, but that does not mean that there are many fun things to do and fun places to go in the Orange Country City. There are San Clementebeautiful beaches, great golfing, and many other great places to visit.

One of the top places to go in San Clemente is the beach. There is the San Clemente State Beach, or the San Onofre State Beach for starters. These are some of the two most beautiful beaches in Orange County, not just the San Clement area. Another beautiful area to walk to the beach is the San Clemente Pier. There is fishing, and small, cute, little gift shops there.

The cultural center, called Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens, is another beautiful place in San Clemente to visit.…

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One of the first things that pops into a person's head when they think of San Clemente, California is the many beautiful beaches in the area.  These beaches have been attracting tourists for years, and giving local residence a great place to go to relax and have a great day.  While there are many popular beaches to choose from, one of the best things about living in the area is that there are also some out of the way beaches that the tourists are unaware of.

With miles of coastline along the beautiful Pacific Ocean it should come as no surprise that there are many hidden areas on the beach which are not easily accessible from the main roads.  Some local residents of the area prefer these more remote beaches because it gives them a little more privacy…

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The California Association of Realtors@ closely monitors and analyzes trends in the residential California real estate industry. The table below contains the latest reported existing home sales series, median home prices, unsold inventory index, median time on market, first-time buyer housing affordability index, and the latest mortgage rates.

california real estate

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This year celebrates the 36th annual celebration of the San Clemente Ocean Festival which is one of the area’s most popular events.  Taking place on the San Clemente Pier on July 21-22, 2012, there will be a lot of different activities to enjoy for San Clemente Ocean Festival 2012people of all ages.  Nicknamed, “The Greatest Show on Surf”, this event began back in 1976 as a way to help increase the participation in the Orange County Beach games which were at that time a fun event for local lifeguards.  The change opened up the events to the general public and helped it grow into the incredible event it is today.

With nearly 50,000 people drawn in from not only San Clemente, but throughout Orange county and even from other countries this is one of the biggest events the city has each…

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San Clemente, California has some very unique shopping options available. There are not any traditional malls in the city, but there are still many different, and great, places to shop. This is an area where small cafes dominate the landscape instead of huge Starbucks.

One of the main places anticipated to shop in the future will be The Plaza at San Clemente. This high-end shopping center has been under construction by the Craig Realty Group, and will feature over 600,000 square feet of shopping in an area where many households bring in over $100,000 per year. It will feature many different outlets, a large movie theater, and different types of dining. This is part of the Marblehead Coastal Development that went bankrupt and the hope is that still will…

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San Clemente, California is a true surfer’s paradise. The coast along the city catches swells all year round, and there are many world famous locations including Trestles consists of Upper, Surfing in San ClementeMiddle and Lower,  Cottons, T-Street, The Hole, San Onofre ("San-O"), 204 and Linda Lane.

The city is also the surfing media capital of the world, housing playing home to several surfing magazines. It is home to Surfing Magazine, The Surfer's Journal, and Longboard Magazine. There are also many surfboard shops including Stewart Surfboards, Cole and Timmy Patterson Surfboards.

The ocean temperature around San Clemente ranges from 75 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer to 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. With the water not getting too hot, most surfers choose to…

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San Clemente has seen its average listing price get a fairly large jump over the past month, but this should not discourage potential buyers as the median sales price has stayed much lower. Plus, the average price per square foot is actually down 5.3% in this California area compared to last year.

The school selection is absolutely excellent in this city and the surrounding suburbs. With many different religious schools, private schools, and two different public school districts, the competition in the area will make sure children really get the most out of their time spent in school.

The crime rate in the entire area is astronomically low, with only three crimes reported in the last 15 days. You can surely rest easily knowing your family and/or…

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San Clemente is a city located on the Californian coast, in between Los Angeles and San Diego in the southern part of Orange County.  It is known best for its laid back, surfing atmosphere and colonial style Spanish architecture. The city’s slogan is "Spanish Village by the Sea", which goes hand in hand with how all of the buildings and houses were built.

Western White House San Clemente

Nixon's "Western White House" is located in San Clemente because he bought part of the H. H. Cotton estate, and named it “La Casa Pacifica”, but it is more commonly known by the previously mentioned name. The house sits right about the Trestles, which is a world famous surfing spot, and even though most United States presidents do not surf, many still vacation at the “Western White House”.  During…

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