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Orange County Housing Report:  Too Much Noise

Everybody seems to have an opinion about the direction of the housing market.

Ignore the NoiseFrom talk of a housing bubble to speculation that the market will slow because of higher rates, the best advice is to ignore all of the noise and turn to the facts.

Wow! There is a lot of talk and speculation about the housing market these days. Some people are convinced that housing is a bubble and it will implode, dropping more than it did during the Great Recession. Yikes, interest rates have reached 4.5%, it must mean the end of the housing run is near. On a live video, one real estate professional warned that the market will turn this autumn stating that a downturn occurs every 10-years. Some

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The New York based auction house of Doyle Antiques can evaluate your jewelry and fine watches for consignment or outright purchase. Any one of The Hartanov Team agents can schedule you for a private consultation.

Doyle Antiques is one of the world's foremost auctioneers and experts of jewelry, fine art, furniture and rare, and unique works of art.

This is one of the many Hartanov Team services and there is no cost to you! The locations for the appointments are in San Clemente and Monarch Beach.

The team is committed to helping you evaluate your personal rarities to meet your greatest needs.

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Random   Every year, San Clemente launches it's holiday season with a celebration, in downtown Avenida Del Mar. The Spanish village by the sea, transforms into Santa's village by the sea. Local businesses get together and set up along the streets of downtown, while locals can enjoy an evening of shopping, dining and entertainment throughout the night. Random   This year, the Hartanov Team at Berkshire Hathaway set up their annual booth and passed out free cotton candy, hot apple cider and holiday goodies! Who wouldn't want that?! Not only that, but the Hartanov Team held a crafting station where anyone could stop by to make their own stress balls. Nothing says the holiday season than trying to relax in between all the celebration and chaos! Random
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The holiday season is quickly approaching and our belly's are still full from our Thanksgiving feasts, but the best is yet to come. As we pull down our boxes, dust and all, we begin to piece our holiday decorations once again. 

This year try something different by still keeping it traditional and festive. The term DIY, which means "do it yourself" has become pretty  popular lately. This holiday season is perfect to brush up on your creativity and we're to help! The Hartanov team wants to help create your home into a cozy, holiday abode.

Let's start with something as simple and easy as mason jars. We all know how versatile mason jars can be; they're used for drinking, candle holders, flower vases, you know it. During this holiday season you can

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On every first Sunday of the month, Del Mar street welcomes local produce vendors, artists, craftsmen and visitors that flood the stretches of  sidewalks to buy fresh flowers, souvenirs or other unique handcrafted finds. 

This past Sunday felt a little different. San Clemente was greeted by some light rainfall in the morning after a previous week of hot and dry weather, definitely not fun during the fall! 


As the yellow leaves had fallen along the sidewalks, visitors strolled around Del Mar, coffee in hand bringing upon a light and cozy atmosphere. Sunday's are the ultimate days to relax and unwind, so it was a definite must to visit the Farmers Market. At every farmer's market you will always find a new vendor and someone who has never…
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San Clemente High School's annual homecoming parade celebrated with a multicultural theme for this years fun-filled floats. Del Mar street is filled with spectators every year to join the celebration of San Clemente High school, as they watch the community and students come together to celebrate. 

Fire trucks, joyous students, sirens, music, marching band, athlete's, king and queen are what make this day a special one for the high school. Everyone comes together, as their famous slogan "one town, one team" is truly represented. 


The freshmen float celebrated Italy Sophomore's represented Spain, Juniors took on the United Kingdom and the senior float paid tribute to America. Random
San Clemente High School's football team marched down…
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adding fence

Owning a home is a wonderful thing, but you should always be really careful to make the best choices if you make changes to the outside of your home and this includes putting up a fence of any kind.  There are a few tips for adding a fence to your property that you might want to take into consideration before doing so and some of those are listed below. 

  1.  Before putting up a fence on your property be sure to talk with your neighbors about it.  You need to keep in mind that you are not only putting up a fence in your backyard but you are also adding a fence to your neighbors land as well.  Talk with the neighbors that your fence will directly affect and discuss such things as property lines and types of fencing etc. 
  2. Another thing to consider
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spooky seas

Looking for a fun and spooky activity to do with the kids this Halloween? Join the Ocean Institute for a night of fright as you navigate trough the labs and haunted ships. Your haunted adventure begins aboard the haunted Brig, Pilgrim, continues onto the Historic Maritime Wharf, and ends in a Mad Scientist lab! Excuse yourself from the ghostly gathering to enjoy hot cocoa, apple cider, and educational activities inside the Ocean Education Center.

When: October 29, 2016 @ 6:00 pm – October 31, 2016 @ 9:30 pm

Ocean Institute Dana Point
24200 Dana Point Harbor Dr
Dana Point, CA 92629

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jc beans

J.C. Beans Coffee House, established in 1994, is one of the few remaining successful independent coffee retailers. Their coffee is so good that their business wasn’t threatened when a drive through Starbucks opened up TWO doors down. 

Unlike Starbucks, J.C. Beans has a cozy, traditional atmosphere where one can enjoy a book from their eclectic library in front of a warm fire. It is also furnished with beautiful antiques and works supplied by local artists.

The amazingness doesn’t stop there. They offer homemade, inexpensive baked goods and breakfast burritos. They even have a drive through that opens at 4am for the early birds. Finally, they have a lovely dog friendly outdoor patio and offer dog biscuits for your furry pals.

They also made it

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